I am BACK!!!
Hey there! I am back!!! Wow, it has been a bout a year since I have last posted something.
Whoops. Well, a lot of things has changed for somewhat for the better. Maybe, I will go into details later.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. And now, Xmas Holiday is coming soon. I shall say that this year, I am feeling the Xmas spirit. :-)

Still holding off on my art pictures. I haven't gotten around to drawing yet. Will do, though soon!

Anyways, I will be back. I promise. -

Writer's Block: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona?
Hmmm, I would say Alaska and Arizona.  I would love to visit the beautiful mountains in Arizona.  In Alaska...I would like to see how its like to live where there is light for 6 months and then its dark for 6 months.  -
If you had to be named after one of the 50 states, which would it be?

Writer's Block: Meow vs. Arf
I would have to say both actually...  I love cats and dogs.  :-)  They are too cute.  

My First post
I am back!!!  I had to create a new username since I forgot my password and the email that I was going to reset my password, I have deleted it.  Whoops...

So, I welcome you to my new username.  :-)  Hope you enjoy reading my posts which I will soon post one a bit longer one than this.

Pixiee -


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